A CUMBRAE caravan site's plans to almost double in size could have a 'detrimental' impact on the island life and landscape, it has been claimed.

Bosses at Westbourne Caravan Park have applied for planning permission to extend their existing site to create 34 new stances and access from Westbay Road.

The proposed site would stretch out onto the agricultural land to the right of the current caravans, including creating a new car park with 48 spaces.

The plans also include proposals for additional waste storage systems and recycling bins.

A number of local residents have reacted with anger to the application and lodged objections with council chiefs - saying it is of such scale the whole island should have been made aware.

One person, who has asked to remain anonymous, says: "Further development of this site will cause visual intrusion on a landscape of great scenic value, which is of critical importance in attracting residents and tourists.

"The combined total of existing caravans on the island, plus these additional 34 is 287.

"With an average of four people living in each caravan, this could increase the existing population on the island by another 1,148.

"We need to consider if the infrastructure of the island can really support this size of increase in residents for up to 10 months a year?"

Others people have called on council planners to 'look closely' at how the development would hit roads and ferry services, which they say are already under pressure.

Objections have made reference to the recently built Firth View Caravan Park, which saw an additional 40 caravans added to the 40 already present at Westbourne Caravan Park.

One letter to planners from an objector says: "This location has now been subject to two separate applications for the same use within a very short space of time.

"As you exit the town of Millport itself, coming round the corner to see 114 caravans in rows will be both unsightly and a blot on the landscape.

"The people of Cumbrae should have been informed of this proposal, not just the two houses closest to the field concerned."

Another resident told the News: "I was absolutely shocked to read that an application has been made to virtually double the size of the recently-built extension to the existing caravan site.

"There are no facilities, it's basically just a gigantic parking place for caravans with no public toilets, play areas for children or convenience shops.

"It would just create further parking problems in Millport."

The application is currently being considered by North Ayrshire Council.

Westbourne Caravan Park were unavailable to comment.