NEW holiday apartments have replaced a former business centre in Largs.

The man behind the development, businessman and owner of Acre Lettings, John Corrigan, says he has further plans - with a 'boutique hotel' on his wishlist.

Mr Corrigan has converted the premises in Gallowgate Lane into short-stay apartments to increase available accommodation for holidaymakers.

Speaking to the News, Mr Corrigan said that he hopes that the development, formerly IBP and Bunny Wilkies bookmakers, would provide the springboard for his new hotel.

He said: "The old business centre has been converted into three apartments and can accommodate up to 12 people.

"After it closed, we wondered what we could do with the space to create a viable commercial enterprise.

"It has all the modern requirements with brand new facilities including kitchens, dining areas and bedrooms.

"We still have plans for the boutique hotel, which I want to have panoramic views overlooking the whole of Largs when it is becomes a reality."

Just over a year ago, Mr Corrigan gained planning permission for a run down property in Gallowgate Lane to be converted into a hotel.

Plans for the development include a reception area and 14 rooms, and has been aimed at ‘the fast-growing budget boutique hotel market’.

A statement submitted with the application said: “Largs has suffered heavily from the loss of a ‘traditional’ hotel accommodation, where stay, drink and dine, was the blend of offerings. It no longer has a significant level of overnight accommodation available, yet the demand for such is seen as booming in many areas - but through a different type of product offering."

Mr Corrigan added: “It will generate some more town centre accommodation, which is badly needed with all the hotels that have closed.

"We have had various applications for the site over the years but the business market has meant that we have had to alter our thinking on each occasion.

“If we can develop a quality hotel it will attract people to the town and everyone wins, from the pubs to the restuarants and shops."

Mr Corrigan has a number of business interests in the area including Deli Il Cardo delicatessen, Gringo Cafe and the Village Inn in Fairlie.