A local group of Christians are going ‘back to basics’ by starting a new project in the new year.

Brisbane Evangelical Church are running the community Bible experience which operates like a book club, with the book under review the biggest selling title of all time, The Bible.

Pastor Gordon Weir said: “People think they know the Bible and what it says, even people who have been church-goers all their lives. However, even seasoned campaigners discover that they don’t have all the answers and by engaging in it in this new way, we are finding new appreciations and understandings.”

Pastor Weir is keen to see many people sign up with various book clubs on different days to suit different schedules.

He said: It runs for eight weeks from the middle of January and is an ideal way to start the new year with an old book which I believe still has a lot to say to the world we live in today. Over 6000 people in 160 churches across Scotland have already done the experience and it has met with a positive response from those who’ve participated.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can call 07960 754619 for further details.