By Rev Mandy Ralph, OLM, Clark Memorial Church

As part of your New Year resolutions, if you made any, some of you may be undertaking a ‘Dry January’. If you do not know what this is, it is not about the weather. Although it would be good if we could just decide January will be rain free! ‘Dry January’ is an annual movement that encourages people to think about their intake and relationship with alcohol, by giving up alcohol for a month.

Some might say why not think about your relationship with alcohol all year round? But this is seen a starting point. As with all relationships there has to be starting point, whether a moment of self-reflection, an initial connection or conversation. This is the same with faith there can be an initial thought, connection, conversation. That might be spurred on by a significant life event, an invite by another, curiosity or a search for something spiritual.

Like any relationship we can be full of enthusiasm to start and then wane. We can have a fall out or be disheartened or distracted. What we are assured of through God whatever day, time or month we decide to make a connection, start a relationship or dip our toe in the water the door is always open. Equally when we have a relapse or our resolve wavers, when we are ready, God welcomes us back.