LOCAL people are being asked to 'adopt a plant' in a novel bid to bring life back to Douglas Park.

The park's flower beds have lay empty as North Ayrshire Council struggled to cover the cost and maintenance and planting at the site in recent years.

However Largs Community Councillor Patricia Perman, head of the environmental sub committee, is keen to ensure that the area enjoys a new lease of life - with the help of the general public.

She said: "Douglas Park has been left without flowers or any kind of foliage for a number of years now.

"As well as the loss of the shelter, we need to make sure the park isn't abandoned and left to ruin.

"I think it would be nice to see something in the flowerbeds again to bring some life back in to the area.

"The adopt a bed or plant initiative seems like it could be a way of pushing this forward.

"There are various ways in which we could bring it in, either with individuals adopting a plot or community groups taking charge of specific areas."

Mrs Perman believes the idea could encourage people of all ages to take an interest in improving their surroundings.

She said: "It could be great for the community. We could open it up to schools and nurseries and even the shops.

"The idea behind it is that the group or individual takes on their own area and plant what they want, whether it be flower, edibles or just foilage which doesn't need much maintenance.

"Whatever is planted, I think it would be nice to have something there again. The park is just lying bare at the moment."

North Ayrshire Council has already introduced the 'adopt a planter' initiative in other towns.

The scheme allows green-fingered groups and individuals to take over planting or bedding areas.

What is grown or produced is generally up to the adopter, with the council’s Streetscene team there to offer advice.