VEGAN sausage rolls could be on their way to Largs - with staff saying their have been swamped by requests for the new fad.

At present, the only Greggs in Ayrshire stocking the item is in Cumnock as part of a trial run.

But staff at the Largs branch this week told the News that they had been 'inundated' with enquiries from customers about availability of the new pastry.

The innovative idea may be new to the bakery chain, but Largs shopkeepers say they are already offering this type of foodstuff.

Scott Paton, owner of AD Paton, has said his butchers have had great success offering vegetarian products over the recent holiday period.

He said: "We had vegetarian pakora and it proved quite popular. We like to think we cater for everybody.

"The idea of the Greggs vegan roll has certainly gained a lot of coverage.

"The meat industry is still very strong though and it is of course very healthy with all the proteins.

"We also had vegetarian sausages which included peppers and onions.

"Vegan food is perhaps the current fad but we are always open to new suggestions."

Amanda Kerr, who works in Jan De Vries health shop in Largs, said: "Vegan and vegetarian products are very popular - and we stock more than we used to have and it is definitely selling better to all different ages.

"Vegan ice cream is proving quite popular and we also have vegan chocolate and marshmallows.

"You also have ready made vegan and vegetarian meals which you can pop into the microwave. Everything is catered for so the interest in the sausage rolls doesn't surprise me."

We asked Greggs how long Largs locals will have to wait for the Quorn filled treat to be made available at the Main Street store.

Roger Whiteside, chief executive at Greggs, said: “It is the fastest selling new product we have launched in six years. It’s literally flying off the shelves.

“People are screaming for it and we have to gear up production and get the products out there.

“The priority is to get it into existing shops, and then the other shops will get it. We are pulling out all the stops to do this as quickly as possible.”