By Rev Mandy Ralph, OLM, Clark Memorial Church

January is historically the season for the sales and who doesn’t love a bargain? But as we head for the sales or peruse them online in the comfort of our homes, do we stop to consider if we really need that so-called bargain? Is it really a great saving, or the must have purchase? Do we find ourselves irate when we see the item purchased at full price now reduced in the sales? As the saying goes ‘all that glitters is not gold’ likewise a sale tag does not always equate to a great bargain!

A bargain is not just about ‘the sales’, it is an agreement between parties settling what each shall give, take and receive in a transaction. Amidst the New Year resolutions, sales shopping and bargain hunting how often do we find ourselves striking bargains when it comes to our relationships and connections. Once I have done this, I will make more time to…. The same can be said in relation to faith. We can make bargains about how much or little we will engage with faith. Often drawn to it in times of need, only to discard when all is well. Maybe this January we can look at reviewing our connections with others, including our faith life that would allow all parties to benefit and flourish.