Council planners have rejected plans to have a year round caravan site on Cumbrae, following complaints from residents.

Bosses at Kirkton Caravan Park applied for permission to use the land to store touring caravans all year, after they were issued a Breach of Condition Notice in 2015.

The application submitted in November 2018 applied for a variation to its planning permission, which would amend restrictions that the site can not be used between October 31 and March 1.

However. the council have since refused the planning application after they received 10 letters of objection from residents and concerns from the Cumbrae Community Council

Residents objected the new proposal on the grounds that nothing had changed since the planning permission was granted in 1988 and that the permanent use would still have an effect on their privacy and the amenity of nearby residential properties.

Others said that the sight had become an 'eyesore' with vans which had not moved from the site being 'dirty' and 'dilapidated'.

North Ayrshire Council Case Officer said: "The key consideration for the proposal is whether or not the appearance of the site should be dominated by caravans on a year round basis.

"The siting of caravans on these plots all year is considered to impact on the amenity of property, particularly in the winter when the site is more prominent due to lack of foliage on vegetation.

"Year round siting of caravans could provide a sense of overlooking whether or not they are actually occupied.

"In view of the foregoing, the proposal is considered to be contrary to the Local Development Plan policies and planning permission should therefore be refused."

The owners were found in breach of the restrictions in 2015 sparking an investigation from North Ayrshire Council, resulting in the Breach of Condition Notice being served.

Residents filed the complaints as the site was being used all year with static caravans and other structures placed on the site.

The manager of the site was once again notified by council to be compliant with the restrictions after they were informed that the site was in use during the winter of 2017.

The planning application was made in reaction to the notices in hope of gaining official permission to keep caravans on the site 12 months of the year.

However the refusal of planning permission will mean the original restrictions put in place to prevent the site being used for permanent siting will remain in place.