THE news that Largs promenade is not a priority gritting route has shocked townsfolk - who have called for it to be immediately upgraded.

Last week the News revealed that North Ayrshire Council will only treat the prom in 'exceptional' weather conditions.

The news has been met with anger by locals who say they are upset the busy walking route could become an accident hotspot.

Margaret Wood said: "Im really surprised that the council wouldn't see it as one of their most important areas to grit.

"The amount of people that walk here and use it, especially with Wetherspoons and the chip shop being in the area.

"Leaving it icy is dangerous and is going to cause an accident.

"Even for people with bikes, if they hit a bit of black ice, that can be very dangerous.

"It can become very slippy under foot. It's a seaside town and the prom is the main walking route for people to enjoy that.

"I have to walk with two sticks and I go along there regularly. Can you imagine what would happen to me if I fell on that surface?"

Bill Sharp said: "I walk this route a lot and I have to walk on the grass when it is icy.

"Of course they should grit it. The point is it is so well used should make it a priority. It needs to be upgraded.

"What is the point of the prom if people can't enjoy it?".

Millport woman Suki McGregor said: "People need to be able to get to the businesses on the front safely. It should be gritted."

However CalMac worker Eddy Van Kaathoven says he agrees that the council should be focussing on other areas ahead of the prom.

He said: "Pedestrian paths needs to be gritted first. The prom is meant for leisure, people don't need to walk on it, they can walk on the the pavements to wherever they want to go.

"Priorities are outside the doctors' surgery and nursing homes. These are the places people need urgent access to.

"I live on the same street as a care home and there was not a bit of grit on that pavement - these areas should come first."

We told how Largs Rotary President Ron Muir had contacted North Ayrshire Council to complain about the treacherous conditions at the seafront.

However North Ayrshire Council’s roadway and emergencies plan for the year ahead clearly states the area is not considered a priority route.

They say that, with limited resources available, footways and footpaths there will only be treated when considered necessary, such as in instances of heavy snowfall or extensive ice.