A dangerous accident was narrowly avoided on the Isle of Cumbrae in one of the steepest roads on the island.

The accident happened on Tuesday morning in the icy conditions as the new council gritter became detached from the tractor in front.

It careered down the slippy road before crashing into a parked car which was badly damaged.

An eye witness told the 'News': "The council had been out gritting the road.

"The car is an absolute right-off but it could have been much worse if the car hadn't been there as it could just kept going on the seafront and killed somebody at the bottom.

"It would appear that the gritter had been going up a very steep hill at the old school brae - Clifton Street - when it happened, just up from the left side entrance to the Garrison."

The early morning snow showers affected the whole of the island which sometimes dodges the whiteouts that the mainland get, but not on this occasion.

The eye-witness added: "The roads on Tuesday morning were particularly bad."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are investigating the incident but gritting on the island will not be affected as we have back-up trailers in place.”