SEAGULL and rat-proof bins will be installed on Largs prom this summer in a bid to combat annual litter issues.

Almost £25,000 is being spent to provide 'Big Belly' solar powered compressors in an effort to curb the problem that has often turned the seafront into an eyesore.

The bins were introduced a few years ago on Largs promenade and in the town centre for a trial run and were credited with helping improve the attractiveness of the town.

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch has been a big supporter of bringing back the units after capacity issues with standard bins led to litter being strewn along the shore.

Cllr. Murdoch told the News: "We have agreed to acquire four solar powered compactor bins. They have been ordered and we hope to have them in place for Easter.

"In fact, I am hoping for them to be in place for early March as sometimes we have some nice weekends and it can be busy with daytrippers.

"The bins are not cheap - and come in at £24,000 a year hire - but they have proved to be effective."

Cllr. Murdoch says he believe the bins can help improve tourism during 2019.

He added: "Hopefully this will go a long way to dealing with the litter issues.

"Funding has come from the revenue generated by the Largs seafront car park and it has been agreed by all four local councillors.

"One of my main priorities has been clearing up the Largs prom.

"With the extra twilight shifts from the grounds maintenance teams, as well as the new bins, I am hoping it means we can all enjoy a good and clean town this year."

The Big Belly bins are popular in major cities like New York and Dublin and can hold around four times the amount of rubbish of normal bins. They also send an alert to the cleansing managers when the bin reaches capacity.

Cllr. Murdoch added: "Last year the prom was as clean as it has been for many years and we can only welcome that - bringing in four solar powered bins can only be a good thing."

Commenting on prom not being considered a priority for gritting, Cllr Murdoch added: "I would love to see the it gritted every time it is frosty but I don't think it is practical because of how the priority routes are worked out.

"It wouldn't be productive to grit the prom and not grit some of the pavements near the doctor's surgery and on the way to the school.

"With budgets as tight as they are only certain footways can be gritted.

"I can see people's frustrations but I just don't think it can be done."