A RESURRECTED Millport Town Hall could pave the way to a new car park to replace the DA and Age Concern halls.

Cumbrae Community Development Company boss Michael Bertram believes it could be a sensible option to demolish the community and make use of the space to tackle the island's parking problems.

He says more cars are coming to the island as a result of cheaper ferry fares, causing issues for residents and tourists.

A fundraising drive is continuing to save the town hall, which has been closed in recent years after falling into a state of disrepair, and Mr Bertram told the News the car park plan is dependent on the town hall being brought back modernised and fully operational, which would then supersede the facilities on offer at the two older halls.

He said: "One of the challenges on the island is the lack of parking.

"If the town hall comes back there would be less need for the DA Hall, and that particular area could provide close to 100 car parking spaces.

"It would solve a big problem and it would be common sense. It is down to the general condition of the buildings too, which are both ageing facilities."

One of the other aspects is linking up the Garrison to a new town hall and Mr Bertram believes that by removing the wall and toilet block, more parking could be created.

The DA Hall itself has only recently re-opened after repairs took place following stormy weather last autumn when two trees fell on the building.

There are also other plans to move the community marquee in the Garrison grounds further back from the front, and set it within the open area to the side of the Garrison to give it more shelter from the seafront.

Last year the DA Hall hosted line dancing during the country and western festival and it is also hosting a forthcoming World War 1 production 'Oer the Tap' on 16 March.

As recently reported, funding has been granted by the Scottish Land Fund and the Architectural Heritage Fund to enable Friends of Millport Town Hall to undertake a feasibility study for the town hall to investigate if there can be 'sustainable uses' for the building for the future.

Consultants will work on the process and aim to repair the facility to provide a multi function hall capable of delivering an arts and culture centre, community centre and heritage and conservation centre.

This feasibility study will open the door to major funding streams and if successful, there will be employment, skills trading and volunteering opportunities.