Callous vandals have damaged a life-saving defibrillator in Wemyss Bay.

The incident happened on Saturday when an attempt was made to open the defibrillator case,outside the Wemyss Bay Community centre.

A spokesperson for the Community Association said: "There is evidence that the box has been kicked at, several times.

"As a result, the box has become unsecured to the wall. This will cost money to fix.

"As the seals were broken, the Largs First Responders had to come and check it out and fortunately, the defibrillator is still in full working order.

"We will be liaising with local primary and secondary schools, to reiterate the importance of the vital lifesaving equipment, that we as a community, worked hard to buy."

CCTV footage at the site is being analysed and anyone identified will be reported to the police, the village group have stated.

Mum of three Beth MacLeod, who is the chair of the Wemyss Bay Community Association, launched the bid and was overwhelmed with the support she received.

Local people rallied to the cause raised £1,300 for a essential device.