A GROUP of big-hearted volunteers had a 'wheelie good time' at their first trishaw bike training session.

The Organic Growers of Fairlie have been fundraising for the bikes for less than a year and - thanks to a huge community effort - have been able to secure the cash for three cycles.

Each costs around £7,600, with plans for two to be situated on the mainland and one on Cumbrae.

With the bikes now delivered, the team of volunteers have began training on how to use them safely.

The trishaws will be used to take elderly and infirm residents of local care homes out and about.

A number of facilities in the area have already shown a keen interest in the scheme.

Volunteer Jacqueline Bond said: “It’s something that can get people of all ages involved.

“Even though you have to be over 16 to get a licence, we hope to get younger ones involved by even cycling alongside the bikes.

“It’s easy to see the benefits young people enjoy from engaging with the elderly.

“My dad is in Haylie House and I know how hard it can be to get people back out and engaging with the community.

“This is a fantastic way of offering this.

“It helps families to enjoy days together. It can be difficult to have conversations in a care home setting but this will offer a chance for people to spend quality time together in the community.”

The Organic Growers of Fairlie launched the fundraising through the Cycling Without Age campaign, with the bikes to be used to help socially isolated individuals.

The group went on to receive community investment funding, which along with donations, has allowed them to purchase the bikes, as well as blankets and waterproofs for rainy days.

They are interested in recruiting more volunteer pilots for the bikes in Fairlie, Largs and surrounding areas, as well as on Cumbrae.

For more information contact jacqueline_bond@hotmail.com