A BUDDING Stephen Spielberg has turned his home town into the Wild West to create a short film.

Largs Academy pupil Max Macgregor, 14, who made waves when his first shot a movie-making won a string of awards, picked locations around the town to mimic America for his new work.

The teenager scooped The Young Filmmaker of the year and the Overall Creative honours at the Generation Z Creative awards last year for his first production - and is hoping the second, called Trail to Revenge, will be just as successful.

He said: "I made the first film for a bit of fun and never expected to win anything with it.

"The awards had to reflect the impacts of technology on my generation and my friend Luca, who also features in it, helped a lot.

"I was really happy and surprised when it won.

"I have enjoyed looking into old style westerns and how they were structured, I especially liked the locations and music, so it was a fun genre of film to work with.

"I have made quite a few videos and films with family and friends before, this this had to combine different age groups among the actors and have a proper, structured plot"

The new movie is a sequel to Max's award-winner and he was asked to screen it at the Barony in West Kilbride.

He added: "This sequel has more characters so there had to be more than just family and friends involved.

"It is a tongue in cheek style western and is a sequel to my previous effort.

"It features lead character Rurio, who sets out to seek revenge on his double crossing nemesis, Umbar McKinn.

"Locations were a very important part of creating this film. Whilst all the locations are local, I had to find ones that looked convincing enough to look like they are from the Wild West."

Max premiered his film last weekend as part of the Creative Works project.

Creative Works volunteer Jeni Lennox said: "Max showed his first film with us last year and it went down a storm, so we couldn't wait to see the follow-up."

Max says that he hopes to broaden his horizons and already has a few ideas for expanding his film making into other genres.