A LARGS woman is leading a charity drive to collect underwear for girls in third world countries which she says will reduce their chances of being raped.

Mothers Union member Hilary Moran says she has 'cleared out many of Largs underwear drawers' in a mission to help girls across the world through the Smalls for All charity.

In the last two months, 245 bras and 23 new pairs of pant have been collected at Hillary's drop off point at St Columba's Episcopal Church.

She said: "Giving pants to girls enables them to attend school whilst they have their period.

"In some countries something as simple as wearing a bra and pants makes you less likely to get raped.

"We are a grassroots charity who are always looking for ways to help those less fortunate.

"We thought we could help this charity by helping with the collection of lightly used bras and new pants and delivering them.

"I started collecting from church members, who have been very supportive, but then things started coming by post, so I thought a central collection in town would make more sense.

"As the church is open nearly every day, a bag at the back has been very handy for people to drop in. We also have a bag in the hall.

"I’ve been collecting for about a year now and have cleared out many underwear drawers in Largs. The appeal has really gone well.

"We roughly donate about 200 lightly used bras and 50 new pants every couple of months.

"It is a very worthy cause."

Smalls for All is a Scottish Charity which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa, helping people living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions like obstetric fistula.

Hilary explained the criteria for donations, adding: "All you have to do is buy a packet of ladies or children's pants. They must be new and while we collect all sizes, those we need the most are for children aged 3-15 or ladies' size 8-14.

"We also accept new or ‘gently worn’ good condition bras which can be any size, including sports and nursing bras, but not teen, cropped-top style or bikini tops."

Donations can be dropped off at St Columba's Episcopal Church on Aubrey Crescent.