RESIDENTS have hit out claiming broken glass and litter is again plaguing a local beauty spot.

People living close to Anderson Park told the News they have been forced to pick up smashed bottles and discarded litter dumped by yobs as they look to prevent children and dogs from getting hurt while using the popular play area.

Last summer we told how the park had been plagued by a string of issues as teenagers turned it into a late-night drinking den.

With some milder weather in recent weeks, the youths have returned and have been spotted loitering and both week nights and weekends.

Appalled residents say they are 'sickened' by the constant broken glass at the site, with many saying they have filled up their own bins to clear it.

One grandmother said: "After it was in the paper last year things seemed to get a bit better, but we are exasperated by this now.

"It is really becoming very annoying, and you can actually regularly hear the glass getting broken at night from your front room.

"It is becoming a problem again - and something really needs to get done about it as we move into the summer.

"It is very upsetting to see the mess each morning and residents like myself feel duty bound to clean up the park and keep it tidy and so children don't get hurt or dogs have their their paws cut.

"The park is there for everyone. Why would you want to abuse it like this?".

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch said: "I am aware that there has been very complaints and it is very disappointing, especially given the vandalism of the toilet block on the south side of Largs too.

"Unfortunately the same problem seems to be raising its head at Anderson Park."

The park is a popular spot and includes a basketball court and children's play facilities.