SCOTTISH Water have responded to a reports of a stink caused along seafront towards the Meigle.

We recently reported that a probe had been launched after locals reported a 'putrid smell' near the shoreline to the north of Largs.

Local man Archie Burleigh described it as a 'strong gassy smell' along the coastline some 300 hundred metres north of the subsea outfall to the Knock sewage plant.

Residents raised the alarm as the smell has becoming more frequent since it was first noticed two years ago when Mr Burleigh first raised the matter.

Geraldine McCue, service review manager at Scottish Water, said: "The outfall from the waste water treatment works is situated approx. 900m south of the reed beds Mr Burleigh refers to.

"We have a tanker plan in place at the waste water treatment works in Largs to periodically remove sludge from the site.

"At present we remove sludge five times a week, one tanker every normal working day.

"There may also be occasions where additional tankers will be required for routine maintenance works, such as cleaning of the Lamella tanks which take place roughly once a quarter.

"In relation to concerns over pollution into the Clyde, the treatment works discharges through a long sea outfall to the river."

Mr Burleigh says this is the first response he has had on the matter - a claim disputed by the utility firm.

Ms McCue added: "Having carried out a search of customer contacts from our corporate systems over the last two years, we can find no other complaints regarding this.

"We also have no record of any contact from SEPA or North Ayrshire Council.

"However I will make contact with North Ayrshire's Environmental Health Department to understand whether they have separately received any complaints and will investigate accordingly."