A PROUD Largs father told how his son landed a dream job working on some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

Laurence Andrews's talents as one of the world's brightest digital artists won him plumb roles on films like The Lego Movie and The Great Gatsby.

Delighted dad Davy says his modest boy has played down his abilities - but that Laurence's friends and family always knew he was destined for the top.

He added: "Even as a youngster, the art he produced was amazing, we always knew he was going to do well for himself."

Laurence, 38, studied at Glasgow University and then motion graphics at Glasgow School of Art.

Davy, 83, said: "The work he does is in the post production of movies, so for example on the set of The Great Gatsby he made the backdrops which would be used in place of the green screen.

"He was the lead layout on the Batman Lego Movie, which saw him take the figures and make them move.

"He never shares a lot of information about his work, he is quite modest and laid back about what he does.

"I remember one day he had a big poster rolled up and when I asked him what it was he said it was nothing.

"I insisted he show me it it and it was a poster from the Lego Movie. Written on it was a note from the director which said 'thank you for saving my sanity and the film'.

"So that is just a testament to how good he is, to have a message from the director is a big deal."

Davy joked: "Whenever there is a film we all go as a family to the cinema to see it and then we sit through the credits and wait until we see his name so that we can applaud him.

"It was on the Lego Batman movie that he go his first lead job and before that he was a layout on the likes of the Happy Feet, The Lego Movie, The Great Gatsby and Sucker Punch.

"Once he graduated he did a few jobs here and there in Scotland but his friend was living in Australia and invited him out. He got a job with a company called Animal Logic and that led him into the world of film.

"He has been over there for about 10 years now and he loves it."

During a 30 year TV career of his own, Davy worked with the likes of Michael Caine, John Hurt and Peter O'Toole.

However Laurence is the only one of his children to followed in his footsteps into the entertainment industry.

Laurence is currently working on a project in India and is due to be married in June in Majorca.