LARGS seafront was left a litter-strewn mess after £25,000 bins designed to keep it clean failed to arrive on time.

Recent good weather has kick-started the tourist season and town councillor Ian Murdoch had asked for the new 'big belly' compactors to be in place for the start of the month.

But the bins, which can cope with large levels of litter before alerting controllers that they are full, still aren't in place - leaving rubbish all over prom as the old ones overflowed.

Councillor Murdoch said: "As soon as I was aware of the issue, I raised a request with North Ayrshire Council on the matter.

"I had asked months ago for the compactor bins, and now with the daytrippers starting to visit and the school holidays, it is vital we act as the prom is much busier.

"I had asked for the compactor bins to be in place for the middle of March, but I think it depends on the lease agreement."

The seagull and rat-proof bins will be installed on Largs prom in a bid to combat the annual litter issues.

It is hoped the solar powered compressors will curb the problem that has often turned the seafront into an eyesore.

The bins were trialled a few years ago in the town centre and were credited with helping improve the attractiveness of the town.

Providing extra twilight shifts for clearing the prom of litter also helped last year, and these will be brought back.

Cllr Murdoch added: "Last year the prom was as clean as it has been for many years and we can only welcome that - bringing in four solar powered bins can only be a good thing.

"The extra twilight shifts from the grounds maintenance teams and the new bins, should mean we can all - eventually - enjoy a cleaner town this year."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Compactor bins are on order and should be installed within the next few weeks.

“In addition, extra litter bins have now been placed at prime locations within the town.

“Streetscene staff will carry out a check of bins last thing before ending their shifts, and twilight cover will also be implemented during periods of good weather as in previous years.

“These measures will ensure members of the public have ample capacity to dispose of their waste/litter.”