PARKING marshals are back in Largs to help direct traffic and ease parking congestion after the success of last year's pilot project.

The move was successfully introduced to the town centre last summer after local councillor Ian Murdoch came up with the idea.

With the early spring sunshine and forthcoming Easter holiday looming, the marshals started operating at the weekend - will continue to work every Saturday and Sunday until the end of September.

Cllr. Murdoch said he was delighted to see the scheme brought back.

He told the News: "It just goes to prove that it if something is a success and addresses a problem, the council will repeat the exercise.

"It is good to see that the parking marshals are operating right from the start of the summer season and are in place for the Easter holidays. It was a trial run last year but one that went very well.

"They keep the flow of traffic moving and it means that motorists can be directed to free spaces in the town that they might not be aware of.

"Over the last year I've put forward an idea to use street ambassadors/parking marshals to make use of spaces throughout the town that are never used.

"There are spaces available which are only a few minutes walk from the prom and the town centre but visitors just aren't aware of them.

"Tourists are focused on the Main Street and seafront car park.

"As well as directing people to available parking, the ambassadors will also provide basic tourist information about events and places to visit in Largs and Cumbrae."

Last year's trial ran from July until September.

Photo: John Keachie.