A community-minded duo are hoping to spruce up West Kilbride War Memorial.

Alasdair H McDougall explained: "In October, villager Gillian Dick, pictured, and I learned that the county council were no longer going to look after the plots beside the War Memorial, so we suggested to the district council that we might do something about it.

"We have opened a bank account called 'The West Kilbride War Memorial Gardens' to collect donations to enable us to plant shrubs and maintain the plots.

"Depending on our success we would consider doing the same for the two plots at the entrance to the village at Dlary Road and Millstonford Junction.

"Donations may be paid by cheque into the account."

The War Memorial in West Kilbride has been rated as one of the finest in Scotland.

The monument was commended in the Best Kept War Memorial 2015 after a nationwide review.