By Rev Dr Graham McWilliams, St Columba's Parish and Fairlie Church minister.

Recently, at our church meetings at Fairlie and St Columba’s, I asked the elders what changes they would like to see in the church.

One of the responses was that they would like to see more young families at worship. I wanted to explore this, so I asked, ‘Why do you want to see young families at church?’ But there really wasn’t a clear answer. However, understanding ‘why’ we want to do anything is important, and if we don’t understand ‘why’ we would like to see young families at church, we will never find the right words to encourage others to come and join us, as we worship God. For me, I find my faith in Jesus Christ gives meaning to my life and I want others to find meaning in their lives. That is why I want young families, and others, to come to church: to get to know Jesus.

Today, especially for young people, life is so complex and can be hard. And part of the reason for this is that many people do not have a secure foundation to their lives and, therefore, with all the mixed messages of ‘doing your own thing’ and not conforming to this, or that, young people can struggle to find meaning in their lives. And so, when an issue arises, they may not know how to deal with it and they can struggle. And some struggle immensely.

For Christians, while our lives are not perfect, we can know the love of God; especially at times of challenge. And, often, that knowledge is strength enough to guide us through the difficulties that we face. As we approach Holy Week, and Good Friday, and Easter Day, I hope that, in all of your troubles, you would come to know the love of God, poured out in Jesus, His Son, surround you and keep you strong. And, maybe, you might find the time to go into one of the local churches to help you explore the Christian faith.