VANDALS have struck again in their 'relentless' wrecking spree at Largs public loos.

Windows were broken and toilet roll strung from trees in the latest incident at the Pencil toilets.

This is the second time yobs have targeted this location in less than two months, with damage already caused at Broomfields, Mackerston and Gallowgate's facilities.

The most recent bout is believed to have occurred on Tuesday night but was not found until the following morning.

The 'mindless acts' have been condemned by council chiefs and the police as an 'attack on the community' and they are urging anyone with information to come forward.

This comes only a week after the News reported that the council had stump up £3,000 to repair the existing damage.

Councillor Ian Murdoch said: "Words fail me. How can I justify constantly asking for the council to repair the toilets all the time when they are just going to be damaged again?

"It’s a real dilemma because it's my duty as a councillor to try my best and get the repairs on behalf of the public.

"The thing is that people do need to use the facilities but we are going round in circles.

"Its a real shame and I don't know what the answer is. We can't clad them in steel.

"It's sad to think that the people doing it really couldn't care less about the damage and effect it has on the community or the people who could really need to use them."

The public have responded with disgust at the thoughtless actions after the pictures appeared online.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We would urge the public to contact police if they have any information relating to this latest incident.

“These acts of mindless vandalism affect the whole community and we are dismayed that this has happened yet again.”

Yobs previously ripped piping from the walls and tore doors from their hinges rendering the pencil toilets already out of use.

The constant attacks have resulted in three toilets being closed, with no facilities now available from the marina to the centre of town.