More opportunity for 'spur of the moment' train journeys for Largs people needing assisted travel is a benefit of improvements at ScotRail.

The rail operators have reduced the time needed to arrange assisted travel, meaning customers can now book as little as two hours before their journey.

Customers who need extra help when travelling now have more flexibility in arranging short notice trips, as they used to need to book at least three hours in advance.

It makes ScotRail the fastest at delivering assisted travel journeys in the UK.

The service is open to anyone who would like more support when travelling on one of its trains - from wheelchairs and prams to customers with visual impairments or large items of luggage.

It allows ScotRail to make sure people are in place at both the start and end of the journey to help customers.

ScotRail Access Manager Andrew Marshall-Roberts said: “We’re committed to making the railway accessible for all.

“We aim to provide assistance to anyone who needs help when travelling on our network, whether this has been booked in advance or not.

"Customers now have more freedom to plan spur of the moment trips.

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