It is believed to be one of the best Easter weekend holidays on the Clyde in many years.

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch told the 'News' it was rare to get four days of complete sunshine, adding that local businesses greatly benefitted from the warm weather.

Cllr. Murdoch said: "It was magnificent and definitely one of the busiest in many years. Yes we have had problems with issues such as parking and congestion but if we take that out of the equation the weekend was immense. 

"It was great that we managed to get the compactor bins in in time and the twilight shifts for the council's Streetscene team meant that Largs seafront was devoid of litter this morning. 

"The new bins and the twilight shifts have made all the difference.

"We just need something done now to cope with the big queues to Millport with additional ferries or bigger ferries, more parking, and for people to stop feeding the seagulls, but other than that, the weekend was a great success for local businesses in Largs and Millport."