CRUEL thieves smashed their way into a community wishing well and stolen the money inside - twice in seven days.

The attraction within Largs Community Garden, which is popular with both tourists and locals, was damaged by the vandals, who then made off with the coins that had been thrown down inside.

The well was patched up after being targeted last week before the culprits returned over the weekend for a second wrecking spree.

Largs Community Garden members told the News they are 'bitterly disappointed' by the act.

The wishing well was found on Monday to have been broken into for a second time and the community group devastated to discover that the grate on top had been broken and the coins inside stolen.

It is believed that vandals targeted the site on the Sunday evening however was not found until the next day.

One visitor, who regularly visits the garden with his grandchildren, said: "This is vile and heartbreaking.

"There must only have been a few pounds in there, coins the kids like to drop in, so what really is the point?

"It is just pure badness."

The community group says they are now facing a hefty bill for repairs.

Garden volunteer Anne Carson said: "This is very sad and disappointing as everyone involved works so very hard to make the garden nice for the town.

"I hope the few coins helped if someone was that desperate, but the damage will cost us a lot more.

"Posters were also stolen from the platform, frames which we will now have to replace.

"We would like to repair the wishing well, but at the moment we don't know how much it will cost.

"We also need to buy new waterproof posters which will cost over £100.

"Unfortunately this is the second time the wishing well has been broken into in a week, which is very sad."

The well was donated by local man Bill Monahan, who built it from an old whiskey barrel and gifted it to the garden.

Locals and visitors to the town often stop at the attraction to make a wish, with the money acting as a donation to the garden's upkeep.

The community garden, located in the grounds of the train station, had been celebrating the old railway site's incredible transformation over the last two years.

The crimes are currently being investigated by police.