LARGS 1st Rainbows gave a warm welcome to a couple walking the UK coastline in memory of their daughter.

Martin and Maureen Shipley arrived in Largs on day 75 of their 3,61 mile trek around Britain - and were soon sat in the Green Shutters having an ice cream with the local group.

They started their journey on February 14 to raise funds for Thrombosis UK after their daughter, Dawn, sadly passed away at the age of 37 whilst she was 30-weeks pregnant.

Dawn's sad passing left behind three children and was a devastating blow to the whole family.

Now Martin and Maureen are hoping to raise funds and awareness of the condition.

Dawn was not only a wife, mother, daughter and friend but she was also a Rainbow leader, which made the Largs' group's invite all the more special to her family.

Local group leader Sharon Murdoch had come across the couple's journey online and was keen to get involved.

She said: "I am currently a member of a group online trying to walk 1,000 miles in a year and someone posted on the page about their journey.

"When I noticed that they would be coming to Largs I thought it would be a great idea to invited them to meet with our Rainbows.

"It's an incredible thing they are doing and I knew it would be interesting for the girls to hear their story.

"Once I contacted them, Maureen seemed really keen and we thought what better way than with an ice cream in the green shutters."

Whilst Martin will complete the full 3,861 miles, Maureen will walk 1,000.

Maureen said: "We'd received an invite during the walk to attend the Largs Rainbows group and we were very kindly offered an ice cream, so how could we refuse.

"We loved meeting Sharon, her three colleagues and the 17 children and then we then went back to a local hall with them to speak about our walk.

"It was a lovely experience. We got to listen to a few of their songs and even joined in on a couple with them.

"Losing Dawn has been devastating for our family and our lives will never be the same.

"Since she died we have raised over £11,000 for this charity."

Sharon added: "Our meeting was fabulous. The girls were really taken with Martin and Maureen, they are such nice people.

"They chatted away to the Rainbows and the girls asked them all sorts of great questions."

The couple were only in Largs for one night before getting back on the road for their next stop in Ardrossan.

Having began their journey at Robin Hoods Bay they will also end there on October 25.

To donate to their cause visit