TWO locations have been revealed as potential sites for an ambitious outdoor gym plan on Largs seafront.

Largs Community Council is proposing two spots on the promenade for the equipment including Aubery, near the RNLI station, and Cairnies Quay at the bottom of Charles Street.

Community council chiefs have been investigating the costs of the project since revealing the proposals at a meeting in January.

They are now consulting with the public to decide which would be the best location and to establish what people would want from the project.

Having engaged a specialist to establish what would be most suitable for the area, suggested equipment includes a chest press, a leg press, a Tai Chi wheel and a cycling machine.

The two areas suggested by the survey have already been approved by North Ayrshire Council as acceptable locations.

Chair Anne Carson said: "The outdoor gym is just at the consultation survey stage at the moment and not a definite.

"It's purely an idea from the community councillors who want to do something to improve the town, rather than sit moaning all the time.

"As a constructed group, like many others in the town, we will apply to various bodies for funding. It will be nothing to do with North Ayrshire Council.

"This survey is to find out if there is a desire and it’s been pretty positive at the moment.

"We would be very grateful if everyone would take a few minutes to answer the six questions on our online survey to help us with this."

The idea of an outdoor gym has been looked at before by the community council however member Patricia Perman brought the discussion back to the table at a meeting earlier this year.

She said: "I think it would be great to have something like this in the town - it could be a real asset to Largs and local people.

"Plenty of other places have these so I don't see why we wouldn't want one too.

"It could be something that people of all ages could use and take advantage of. "

The survey can be found at