Thought for the Week

by Canon Alex Boyd, Cathedral of the Isles, Millport

This weekend in Millport sees the crowning of the Cumbrae Queen which we all look forward to. This is a happy tradition at which the past year’s Cumbrae Queen crowns her successor in Garrison House. The new Cumbrae Queen goes on in her year of office to represent the young people of the island at many events.

Being elected a representative in any sphere carries with it the responsibilities of office.

No more so than for our elected representatives of local Councils, MPs. SMPs and European MPs. When anyone elected to such an office to represent us makes an error of trust and integrity then they are duty bound to resign so that they may be replaced with someone whose integrity we can trust. Elected representatives need to be people of integrity displaying leadership qualities.

Members of the Church are no different. They elect representatives to lead them and expect the highest of standards of integrity from them. Ordained ministers often lead their lives fully in the public gaze and are respected for their leadership abilities and their integrity.

So then we wish our new Cumbrae Queen every success and happily assure her of our support in the year ahead.

Together we can continue to make our community a successful and safe place where everyone can thrive and achieve their true potential.