A MILLPORT man was left with a gaping head wound - after being caught out by a new low-handing stop sign on a Largs street.

Bill Sommers has called for the sign at the corner of Boyd Street and Gateside Street to be removed after being injured at the weekend

The hexagonal sign is stationed at a height of less six feet, and Bill is calling for residents to be wary when turning the corner.

Bill, who works for the Largs Computing shop, said: "I had only just helped an old guy who had fallen over and hurt himself. I was walking along Boyd Street and cracked my skull on the sign.

"The sign looked absolutely new but it is less than six foot off the ground.

"I have posted the photos online and other people got in touch to say they have also walked into the sign. I sliced my head open on it. I'm only six foot so other people should beware

"I just want to see it removed as it is a danger."

The incident happened in the early afternoon in Sunday and it was only when a passer-by told Bill there was blood pouring his head did he become aware of the damage done.

He added: "It was somebody across the road who spotted it and came over.

"I went home and got a plaster on it but it was very painful."