There have been goals galore at the new Monday session of walking football in Largs.

This week there was an astonishing 14-13 victory for the Yellows over the Reds with a last minute strike by Jim Wightman.

However, star of the show was debutant Billy Salton who scored a double hat-trick for the Yellow 'vests' in his first ever game at the Weir indoor astroturf at Inverclyde Sports Centre. This outshone the Reds' regular scorer Dougie Bratt who, despite a limp, grabbed his usual hat-trick. Former Largs Thistle player Kenny Lynn also helped himself to three goals.

The Monday session, between 1 and 2, has started following the success of the well-established Wednesday walking football game between 11 and 12am. Those of a mature vintage are welcome to join in by reporting to the reception counter at Inverclyde.