There was heightened activity on Largs seafront involving the emergency services on Monday evening.

A full Largs Lifeboat exercise took place on the local bay in ideal conditions.

It was part of the familiarisation process as the RNLI volunteers worked with partner agencies include the coastguard with its Sikorsky helicopter.

RNLI spokesman David Hewitt said: "The exercise took place over a period of around an hour and a half.

"There is quite a bit of skill required to position the lifeboat due to the wind draft from the helicopter, and we were practicing winching people up.

"Around 12-14 crew members were involved, and the fact that it was good weather meant that we were able to assess all the elements involved so we are fully prepared in future."

The Sikorsky helicopter took over from the Sea Kings a few years ago and was flown from Prestwick to take part in the exercise.

Photos: John Keachie.