A LARGS man had a miracle escape after the car he was driving ended up on its roof after in a horror crash.

Glen Alcock, 39, was competing in a major event at Knockhill when his Citroen careered off the track and flipped while negotiating a corner at high speed.

Glen told how he had to be dragged from the racing car by rescuers as fuel leaked from the wreckage - sparking fears it could explode.

He said: "In my eagerness to turn the corner I over-corrected.

"The first thing I thought about was the damage to the car!"

"The medical team and marshals were excellent. As there was some fuel leaking in the car, they had to get me out of the car immediately.

"It was a bit unusual to be upside down in the car. You are so tightly strapped in with helmet and flame proof overalls on, all within a roll cage, but the medical teams and marshals reacted so quickly, I knew I was in very good hands."

Amazingly Glen, 39, decided to get back behind the wheel just hours later to complete the event.

He said: "The ambulance team checked my blood pressure and heart rate and were quite happy for me to return to the circuit if I was happy to.

"From a psychological point of view, I am glad I did."

Amazingly the driver, who has previously driver Formula 3 cars, walked away almost unscathed from the smash, which happened as he competed in the Scottish C1 Cup series

He said: "Earlier in the race, I had been pushed off the track by another vehicle but I had managed to fight my way through the field and it looked like I was heading for a strong finish.

"The guy behind me was the same driver that I had lost my position to earlier in the race, and in my haste the car rolled.

"It was seven weeks until the next race and I didn't want the crash to be the last thing I remembers, so getting straight back out there was the best thing I could have done."

Daredevil Glen went back out just two hours later, minus most of his car's windows, to complete the event.

Glenn today thanked wife Jan for her support after the crash, as well as his mechanics, who patched up his car.

He said "The West College Team stripped the car down down and repaired it as best they could. The reality of the sport is that serious accidents do happen sometimes."

"Racing and competing are addictive and I cannot wait to get back on track at Knockhill to make up for my error and put things right.

"The marshals, the medical team and everyone at Knockhill did a great job and I'd like to thank them for keeping me safe."

Glen plans to compete again in the series' next race, which is on June 23.