A BUSY Largs road is in such poor condition that it is being avoided by locals and business delivery vehicles, it's been claimed.
Resident John Knowles says he is disgusted by the state of Brisbane Street, which has long been complained about as one of the worst streets in the town for potholes and cracks.
John, who only recently moved to the town, was shocked to learn that the road has been in a poor state for many years, with a petition even being set up residents in 2015 to no avail.
He has received support from Councillor Tom Marshall who has told the News he is now going to take the matter up with the Head of Roads at North Ayrshire Council.
Mr Knowles believes the road isn't levelled off properly and says ramps have been fitted by residents at their own expense so that their cars can safely reach the road from their driveways, due to the height of the kerbs.
He said: "It is quite common even when buses and lorries go down the road for the upstairs of some properties to vibrate. 
"One local business has even told me that they won't deliver to the street because of the state of the road.
"One pothole has been filled in four times during the past year, but why can something not be done to fix the problem permanently?
"I have been told by neighbours that the problem has existed in Brisbane Street for years yet nothing has been done about it.
"It is a busy road and well used with vans, lorries and ambulances, and there are a lot of properties here that all pay their council tax, so why is the troublesome road not being tackled?"
Speaking to the News, Councillor Tom Marshall said: "The roads department has certain criteria for resurfacing roads and for whatever reason Brisbane Street has not reached a situation where it has received a resurfacing.
"I personally avoid going up the road as it is pretty rocky.
"I will talk to the head of roads and see if we can get something done sooner rather than later when it comes to resurfacing the road."