Largs Girls Brigade recently celebrated their annual awards evening which celebrated the girls' hard work throughout the session.

The Explorers were awarded stars, Juniors received circles or diamonds and Brigaders gained triangles.

The girls also entertained with items relating to their badge work. The Explorers signed 'I can sing a rainbow', the Juniors performed a play about Noah's Ark and the Brigaders told everyone about the Fruits of the Spirit.

They also sang a number of sings and then enjoyed a tea or coffee together.

Proud captain Vicky McGregor said: "It's been a busy and enjoyable session with the company growing to almost 70 girls.

"I would like to thank my team of dedicated and hardworking officers without whom Girls Brigade would not happen.

"We are now closed for the summer and will reopen with our 'Come and try' night in August."

Photos: John Keachie.