A 'LIFELINE' Largs bus service has come under fire from its own users who claim it is unsuitable for many elderly and disabled people.

Passengers this week contacted the News to complain about the issue with the Shuttle Buses-run vehicles which they say leaves more than two thirds of the vehicle's seats inaccessible.

Users say only the six seats on the ground level can be used as the infirm and those in wheelchairs can't climb the two steps to reach the remaining 12 onboard.

Pensioner Gillian Grant is one of the people affected and says she can no longer use the weekday service, which runs every 30 minutes..

She has contacted operators Shuttle Buses to voice her discontent.

She told the News: "I regret to say that this new bus is proving to be totally unsuitable for the people who rely on it most.

"There are six seats on ground level and the remaining 12 are two steps up to the upper level.

"Due to age, and in many cases infirmity, a considerable number of the people who use this bus have difficulty getting to and from the upper level.

"For some people it is totally impossible to use these seats."

Mrs Grant, who lives in Glen Avenue, added: "I have spoken to quite a lot of the passengers and I find a lot are of the same opinion.

"A lot of people are just not able. I am fortunate myself as although I am a pensioner, I am still quite mobile - but it is a nightmare for others.

"It is a lifeline service for many and it is a wonderful that it runs so frequently with drivers who are so very friendly - it is just that the buses themselves are inadequate."

Gillian's call for more suitable vehicles has received support from local councillor Alex Gallagher.

He said: "I think Mrs Grant makes an interesting point and I would back her on what she says.

"I have not heard any complaints regarding the service, but I am happy to follow it up on her behalf.

"I can speak to the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and see if there is anything that can be done.

"We have an elderly population in Largs and it is important that we have public transport which if fit for purpose for the people that use it.

"It is a very important service, particularly for people going back and forward to Brooksby Health Centre.

"It is clearly and issue and I will try and help solve it in the interests of the community."

The News contacted Shuttle Buses for comment but had received no response at the time of going to press.