EXTRA action is necessary at Largs Campus to deal with ongoing traffic issues councillors have agreed after a review of operations outside the school.

Worried parents have raised concerns about parking and the speed of traffic in and around the super campus since it opened last year - including demands for more crossing patrollers.

Their calls resulted in the preparation of a high level council report which this week says that areas at the junction of Brisbane Glen Road and Douglas Street, Alexander Avenue and Moorburn Road at the western end of the Surrey Glen path do not require crossings.

The council's head of physical environment Yvonne Baulk said: "None of the assessments undertaken demonstrated a need for a formal crossing."

But the report did highlight a number of other issues which are now going to be explored.

It has been agreed to consider the installation of ‘footprints’ on pathways to encourage responsible pedestrian behaviour at the junction of Alexander Avenue and Glenacre Drive, while the development of a ‘Parking Pledge’ for the campus is another option being explored.

Glasgow City Council have successfully run an similar initiative where an invitation is sent out to parents/carers to sign up and 'pledge' to park responsibly within the locality around the school, with stickers provided for display within cars taking park.

During the past 12 months, the council's roads team have held regular meetings with Police Scotland due to on-going residential concerns about parents dropping off in Alexander Avenue and the surrounding streets.

Police Scotland, along with North Ayrshire Council, said this week they are 'fully committed' to promoting road safety and trying to keep communities safe.

Ms Baulk added: "Police Scotland continue to be committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve this objective.

"The campus police officer's duties have included routine patrols of the areas surrounding the campus during peak traffic periods.

"His observation is that the early challenges appear to have eased.

"Regular meetings have been held with the campus senior management teams to encourage parents/carers to pick up and drop off responsibly."

The report also revealed tha one of the parent councils has purchased two safety barrier which will be used at the main entrance.

This is in addition to the ‘kids and cars don’t mix’ banner located at the bus entrance.

A 200-space secure, covered cycle and scooter shelter has been provided within both the primary and secondary playground areas to encourage cycling to and from the campus in a bid to cut the number of cars.