TWO pals have shed almost six stones after making a pact to improve their health and get fit.

Millport ladies Annemarie Gallagher and Lisa Copeland dropped the dress sizes after taking on a new fitness regime and changing their diets.

It has also had major health benefits, particularly for epilepsy suffered Annemarie, who is now experiencing fewer seizures

Annemarie, said: "I weighed 12st 10 and wanted to lose weight as I was feeling unfit and struggling when I was was walking.

"I’m only 5ft 4 so had to do something for my confidence, my appearance and most importantly my health.

"Due to my epilepsy it is important that I follow at well balanced diet.

"My downfall with food was crisps, dips, nuts cream cheese and crackers - and large portions of unhealthy food at meal-times.

"Lisa, who already was doing well at Slimming World in Largs, said the group could help me lose weight.

"I joined the Saturday morning group and in my first week I lost five pounds.

"It encouraged me to stick to a healthy eating plan and Slimming World has shown I can still have some off my favourite treats.

"I make sure I have lots of vegetables on my plate as well as snacking on fruit.

"Now I’m at my target 10st 6lbs and I’m loving wearing the new clothes I can fit into.

"People keep saying how great I look and I have more energy and get less tired. I’m looking forward to a healthy future."

Lisa also said the Largs group helped change her outlook.

She said: "My clothes were getting tight and uncomfortable.

"I was 14st 13lbs when I started my journey and the weight shifted pretty quickly.

"I now have breakfast, lunch and dinner which I didn’t do before. It certainly keeps me fuller for longer and I snack less.

"I used to have a chippy, but now I will have gammon steak and potatoes, meaning I can still eat out. I've lost three stone getting to my target weight.

"I feel good about myself and I’m more confident in myself."

Slimming World instructor Nicola Frazer has been impressed with the efforts of both ladies.

She said: "Both Annemarie and Lisa deserve a lot of credit. They have come over from Millport and really applied themselves. It is a real success story for Slimming World and it just shows what people are capable of with a bit of determination."

Classes run every Wednesday night and Saturday morning in the Brisbane Centre. For more information call Nicola on 07967 662338.