LONG-awaited repairs to one of the most notorious streets in Largs are set to be included in the council's upcoming roads budget.

Potholes and damage to the surface of Brisbane Street has become so bad that residents told the News that delivery services are refusing to drop off there.

Now council chiefs are set to act by prioritising the troubled street for repair work.

Councillor Tom Marshall took up the issue after the matter was raised by residents at a recent Largs Community Council meeting.

As a result of talks with the local authority, Cllr Marshall says he is hoping that the pressing matter can be dealt with 'sooner rather than later'.

He told the News: "The council is planning to commence the work if the budget allows within the 2019/20 plan.

"I am aware of the uneven nature of the carriageway in Brisbane Street. It was considered for inclusion in the carriageway investment plan for the current year. Unfortunately, due to the condition of the existing kerbs and footways, re-kerbing and resurfacing of the pavements will have to be completed prior to resurfacing of the actual carriageway.

"The footway works are included in the programme for 2020/21, with carriageway resurfacing added to the draft investment plan for 2021/22.

"The investment plan for 2019/20 has only just commenced.

"I will ensure that the footway works at Brisbane Street are measured and costs estimated. If there is any available budget I will bring the works forward to this year to enable carriageway resurfacing works are done as soon as possible.”

Resident John Knowles, pictured, told the News that he was dismayed by the state of Brisbane Street, which has long been complained about as one of the worst streets in the town for potholes and cracks.

John, who only recently moved to the town, was shocked to learn that the road has been in such a poor state for years, with a petition even being set up residents in 2015 demanding action.