LARGS Academy pupils hit the high notes as they staged their own take on Disney’s High School Musical.

It’s a story of coming of age, the kindling of a teenage romance and of a looming threat to the status quo - and the 80-strong cast of local youngsters brought it to life.

Musical director Craig Smith and producer Emma Newton led a brilliant creative team.

Craig said: “Working with the amazingly talented pupils of Largs Academy is truly inspiring."

The show centres on star basketball player Troy, who finds him flung into a karaoke duet with bookworm Gabriella. It’s an unlikely pairing, the stuff of holiday romances, but when Gabriella then enrols in East High, the coupling threatens to topple the clique culture in the school, much to the dismay of queen bee Sharpay Evans.

The young duo who took on the lead roles making their Largs Academy debuts - although neither are strangers to the stage.

Christopher Haggerty (S4) is a well-known face due to his high-flying antics as Peter Pan in the 2018 Largs Players’ panto while S5 pupil Lucy Smith previously starred as Molly in Annie and was a runner-up in the Largs Academy Young Singer of the Year competition.

Sharpay’s role was brilliantly filled by Rhionna Inwood while S6 pupil Addison Mann took on his final role as Coach Bolton, having previously starred as Dennis Dupree in Rock of Ages and Lt Schrank in West Side Story.

Fellow sixth year pupils Grace Phillips and Katie Purdue starred as Ms Darbus and Ripper respectively, while S5 pupil Sophie Cotton played nerdy composer Kelsi and Emily Rae played zany DJ Jackie Scott.

The show witnessed the emergence of rising stars including pupils Holly Connell, Tyler Newton, Joshua Gregory and Calum Gibb.

Producer Emma added: “Working with our dedicated and talented crew made the school show an absolute pleasure and watching 80 enthusiastic pupils engage with every aspect of the singing, acting and choreography was great."

Photos: John Keachie.