TACKLING local climate change and addressing fuel poverty are seen as key pillars of a new council vision spanning the next five years.

The council has unveiled its priorities with the launch of its new future plan.

The strategic document - which covers the five-year period 2019-2024 - describes itself as being focused on making North Ayrshire a 'fairer and more equal society' for local residents and communities.

The plan outlines a number of ambitious pieces of work to be undertaken relating to the issues facing residents in North Ayrshire.

Ensuring local people and businesses benefit from the wealth of the council and other major public sector organisations is one key task as the local authority develops a community wealth building strategy.

Tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions are also highlighted as other areas of focus.

The authority is looking to enlist the views of young people in helping to shape the environmental sustainability and climate change strategy for 2020 as part of a long-standing ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 2023.

The development of a community charter will see local communities come together and set out goals they can achieve to help improve localities.

This is in recognition that everyone has a part to play and their own ideas in making North Ayrshire fairer with improved online engagement.

Council leader Joe Cullinane said he wants to root out poverty and inequality in the region.

He added: “We want nothing more than a North Ayrshire that is free from inequalities and deprivation. For it to be a kind society where no child grows up in poverty, where the economy is inclusive, and everyone has the same life changes to have fulfilling and healthy lives.

“That’s why fairness and equity are at the heart of our new council plan.

“I would encourage all our residents to take a look at our new council plan and share any ideas and views."

To participate, simple create an account online at: www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/CouncilPlan Once registered, you can join in any discussion, consultation or vote.