A LARGS mum's unique project that will give away school uniforms for the new term free of charge is ready for lift off.

Hayley Coyle, 34, has been collecting donations for almost a year and is holding a launch event in Largs Academy canteen on August 12 at 10am.

Whilst Hayley started the project as a way to help struggling families ensure their kids don't go without, the project has since expanded into an eco-friendly initiative.

Donations have been rolling in from across the town after the project captured the community's imagination, pictured.

Items available on the day will include, blazers, uniforms, bags, shoes and stationary for Largs and St Mary's Primaries, as well as Largs Academy pupils of all ages and sizes.

The mum-of-two said: "I’m overwhelmed with how much stuff has been donated and it is all mostly new too, which is incredible.

"We have around 20 blazers and a huge range of primary and academy items.

"The Ellen MacArthur Trust donated 150 water bottles and hats, which was so kind, and the Haylie Store is donating tea, coffee and scones for people to enjoy on launch day.

"We were also given £150 which we are going to use to buy stationary and make up pencil cases with essentials to hand out too.

"I couldn’t have done this without the backing of the community and I want everyone to know how grateful I am.

"Everyone assumes that Largs is an affluent area, but there are lots of people who struggle to get by.

"This will help them and even for people that do have money it is a great way of helping the environment instead by stopping items going to landfill.

"We have things like the pinafores and branded jackets like Superdry and Hype which look like they have never even been worn. Nothing looks faded or washed out."

Hayley also plans to have a donation box on the day which she hopes to give back to the Ellen MacArthur Trust as a thank you for their generosity

She added: "It is a first come first served basis and there will be cakes, tea and coffee. It will be a nice social gathering as well, with a tombola and raffle.

"So even if people are unsure they should come along and have a look and see all the incredible things we have to offer."

All of the items will be completely free of charge and all will be steam-cleaned prior to the event.