A PROJECT to build a landing jetty for small boats at Largs bay was dropped because the construction would have cost up to £2 MILLION.

The matter came to light after local councillors were pressed on the financial outlay for a feasibility study into the concept - which cost £23,000 - during this month's Largs Community Council meeting.

It was hoped that the landing jetty would have provided economic spin-offs in the town, with dinghies and other vessels to come in from moored yachts on the Clyde.

But the North Coast Locality Partnership announced that the proposal - in its current guise - was not being taken forward.

Community councillors Patricia and Jim Perman questioned Conservative councillor Tom Marshall over the issue.

Cllr. Marshall said: "It was my idea to build a jetty

"Unfortunately the council officers went for a design that was greater than what was needed. It was too intricate and would have cost £2m, which we thought was far too much."

"There used to be a jetty and it was greatly used by boaters.

"Unfortunately the officers got a design which was far too complex."

Cllr Ian Murdoch said the wrong approach was taken to the venture.

He added: "It was never about vessels coming into the shore, it was never a slipway, it was a small jetty for step ashore facilities for dinghies coming in from moored vessels.

"It is £12.50 at the Largs Pier, so we were looking to provide an accessible alternative.

"It was only to be a landing site."

Mr Perman asked: "Who wrote the specifications? If it was for a small jetty then that is what should have been looked at it rather than something grandiose.

"It sounds like a waste of money as nobody put forward the correct specification."

The meeting also discussed why the study was carried out by an English firm when there is a focus on supporting the area.

Community councillor Andy Adair added: "The council can't afford to put plants into gardens but £23,000 was spent on something that ultimately now comes to nothing." Cllr, Marshall told the meeting: "The council's officers misinterpreted it. They considered it to be a pier to take large boats into."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The costs of the feasibility study were funded from the Largs Car Park Fund.

"When the brief for the study was prepared, the aspiration was for a durable, permanent jetty structure which was suitable for a variety of small vessels.

“After the initial study was produced, and following further discussion with local members, we sought advice from the technical advisors involved regarding options for a simplified design in order to reduce the costs. Officers will meet with local members to discuss alternative options to realise the community aspirations for a jetty."