A POPULAR cycle path linking Largs and Fairlie has become a danger, cyclists claimed this week.

Overhanging bushes, branches and debris have made the route hazardous - with one woman saying she has been fighting for almost two months to have it cleared up.

Overhanging branches have been cut down at the Largs Yacht Haven end of the track, but the main area between Fairlie Bowling Club and Kelburn Country Centre has become a problem.

Karen Thomson took the issue up with North Ayrshire Council six weeks ago but told News there was no progress since she raised the issue.

She says action is urgently required after a number of near misses between cyclists travelling in opposite directions because of people take evasive action and handling blind corners caused by foilage.

Karen said: "It is getting really dangerous to the point that there is going to be an accident.

"It is very overgrown in places. It just needs cut back, but despite reporting the issue a while ago nothing seems to have happened.

"We have witnessed a few near misses and people have also been getting cut with the jaggy twigs coming out at you as you cycle past.

"A lot of families and young children use the path and something really needs to get done about it."

Karen added: "It is even a problem for walkers. Some parts of it are single lane at best and even walking is becoming a hazard.

"It used to be the case that you would have a clear line of sight as you cycled around the bends and you could see other cyclists, pedestrians or prams, but now in some areas it is impossible as it is overgrown to 12 feet high. "The cycle track is very important as it keeps people off the roads which are so busy and dangerous."

Karen's husband Andy suffered cuts to his leg after cycling along the route.

He says the path, which was built through farm fields around ten years ago, needs to be improved.

He added: "I suppose it is with all the cutbacks that have been happening at the council but the area could certainly do with a trim, specially if you are wearing shorts.

"Some areas are particularly bad."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we are responsible for the maintenance of this area. We have inspected the area and intend to undertake maintenance this week.”