A BOY who inherited the same cruel degenerative condition that robbed his mum and brother of their mobility has completed an amazing fundraising mission.

Ethan Pringle travelled around Cumbrae in his wheelchair on Sunday cheered on by family and friends as he collected cash to help repair the Waverley.

The four-year-old has a rare condition which affects his lower limbs, meaning that he requires to use a wheelchair and walking aids.

Mum Laura and sibling Jamie, 15, also have the rare condition - known as Hereditary Paraplegia - despite there being no prior history of it in anywhere in the family.

The condition refers to a group of inherited disorders that are characterised by progressive weakening and stiffness of the legs

Ethan's dad Robert explained: "Laura and Jamie have the same condition

"There appears to be no correlation as each one of the mobility issues are slightly different.

"There is no history of it in Laura or my family. It is basically a neurological condition which will gradually get worse over time but at present doctors don't know how quickly or far it will progress. "Doctors don't have much understanding of the cause and various medications have to be tried out to see which one works, as well as a lot of hospital visits for physio."

Ethan regularly attends the Queen Elizabeth's Children's Hospital in Glasgow for treatment and also receives hydrotherapy to help with pain relief.

Robert added: "Both Laura and Jamie understand what Ethan goes through on a daily basis. He suffers from quite severe leg cramps and they have both developed coping mechanisms to deal with their mobility issues, which they have passed onto Ethan.

"Ethan looks up to Jamie - they even have competitions te see who can do the best moves in their wheelchairs."

The family were all there to cheer on Ethan when he started off from Millport Pier at 11am - complete with charity bucket.

Earlier this year, Ethan got a wheelchair for the first time and it inspired him to undertake the challenge.

Robert added: "We are extremely proud. He has been a regular visitor on the Waverley since he was one and travelled on the boat four or five times last year.

"He was heartbroken that it wasn't coming this year and decided he would like to do something about it." Despite the disability, Ethan has enjoyed a new lease of life since getting his wheelchair this year and is heading into primary one at Cumbrae Primary this month.

Brother Jamie is currently at Largs Academy and hopes to become a sports instructor for able-bodied and children with physical disabilities.

The family are good friends with Angie Malone - the wheelchair curler - who has been helping Jamie in his sporting studies and endeavours.

Double world champion Angie has been a regular visitor to Millport and carried out a inspirational talk to Cumbrae Primary in 2016, with her daughter Lara Crossan resident on the island.

Ethan's cousin Jane also has a strong connection to the Waverley after working onboard as a stewardess and she helped push him on his fundraiser.

Jane added: "Ethan is such a brave boy and loves the Waverley. I was delighted to come on board for the fundraiser.

"Nothing phases him and he did so well on Sunday."

Robert added: "The Waverley is something people maybe took for granted. Ethan definitely misses it and hopefully it won't be long until it returns to Millport."

The family would like to thank Kay Bryceland for helping to decorate Ethan's wheelchair and transform it into the Waverley.

Pictures: Scott Watson.