Proposals by North Ayrshire Council for the introduction of one-way traffic flow down Yerton Brae in West Kilbride have received a concerned reaction from a group of residents in nearby streets.

Yerton Brae is one of the main entrance roads into West Kilbride.

A spokesman for a new group TFOY - Traffic Flow on Yerton - fighting the proposed changes said: "The implications for Caldwell Road, Overton Drive, Corsehill Drive and Bowfield Road of any of the three changes suggested will alter the nature of the traffic on roads that were not designed for higher volumes of cars and vans.

The impact on reaction times for emergency vehicles to a wide range of addresses in the village is also a concern.

"The council’s consultation process includes a display of drawings of the suggested road changes in West Kilbride library on 27, 29 and 30 August but anyone not able to visit at that time or not otherwise able to contribute is invited to communicate their opinions to the group set up to ensure that all households potentially affected are aware of the proposals."

The new group will distribute a leaflet in the middle of August summarising their views on the issue.

TFOY was set up to ensure that the council gathers a comprehensive set of views, and not only those of the traffic management enthusiasts who have asked for the changes.

TFOY is contactable at