LARGS Lifeboat Station welcomed back the Thistle Mini Club on Sunday as over 20 cars and drivers came along to present a cheque for £3,500 from its fundraising event earlier this year.

The May holiday weekend saw 187 minis leave from Loch Lomond Shores and come into Largs to park along the prom.

Cathy Holgate from the RNLI said that the event was a 'magnificent, spectacular sight' with Minis everywhere.

The furthest travelled was from Oxfordshire, a distance of 370 miles.

Cathy said: "It was a great fun day with games and sales in the station and even though the weather wasn’t good everyone had an enjoyable time.”

The rain stayed away for the presentation, with club members, RNLI crew, management and supporters present.

Val Palmer, who chairs the fundraising branch, said: “This is a marvellous contribution to our funds and we cannot thank them enough for what they raised for us.”

Event organiser Andrew Everson added: "There were many favourable comments about Largs as the end part of the run. We will certainly be keen to come back in 2023 when the run returns to this part of Scotland”.

Pictured are Cathy Holgate RNLI, Jamie Thompson, representing the Thistle Club: Val Palmer Chair RNLI: Linn Munton Secretary RNLI.

Photo: John Keachie