NEW signs to control the speed of traffic into Fairlie sparked anger - after being erected behind trees and bushes.

Motorists complained to the News after the blunder by transport chiefs that has left the notices impossible to see.

Signs that give distances to neighbouring towns and destinations block out the view of the 30mph signs to oncoming drivers, leaving them open to mistakenly breaking the new limit.

The installation of the traffic signs are to alert drivers to the extension of the 30mph limit to the Clydeport roundabout, as previously the limit only started at Montgomery Avenue.

Road safety campaigner David Telford said the officials responsible for the blunder 'should have gone to Specsavers'.

With new housing, including developments at Southannan, David and Fairlie Community Council have campaigned in recent years for the 30mph limit to be extended to protect pedestrians in the village and slow drivers,.

David told the News: "This was a total botched job.

"You wonder if there a Specsavers somewhere near Transport Scotland or Transerv's headquarters because it might pay whoever was in charge of this to visit."

Transport Scotland control the road while Transerv carry out the maintenance on the stretch.

Transport Scotland told the News that the positioning of the signs was a matter for Transerv, who told the News today they have now acted to clear the signage.

The long-awaited extension comes as part of Transport Scotland’s commitment to ‘speed management and improving safety on the network’.

The matter has been continually raised by members of the community over the years prior to the extension decision, which was widely welcomed.