A LARGS mum told how a mystery workman sawed through a huge tree in her neighbour's back garden - then fled as it crashed through her shed.

Susan Nelson told how the person, who was wearing an orange high visibility jacket and white hard hat, was spotted using a chainsaw to slice through the tree behind her family home in Royal Avenue.

Then, as it crashed through her shed's roof, the man jumped in a van and fled.

Susan, 41, said: "I went into the garden to clear some toys away only to be confronted by this huge tree right.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"I spoke to my neighbour who the tree belongs to and was told that a man driving a white van had arrived with a chainsaw.

"However, when the tree fell onto the shed, the worker basically got in his van and made off.

"It is right next to an electricity sub station so I phoned Scottish Power but was told all their tree surgeons were at the other end of the county and it wasn't them.

"I have also phoned the council and they said it was nothing to do with them.

"I then spoke to the police who said it wasn't a matter for them as there had been no criminal damage.

"Everyone is pretty shocked. I have four children and one of them is disabled so to have the garden out of use is quite upsetting."

Susan is now counting the cost of expensive repairs and possibly a new shed.

She said: "The tree has been felled and landed on my shed. It is wrecked but it could easily have crushed my summer house and kids' play area."

The Largs mum has managed to get a partial number plate registration, which she has passed to police.

Susan's partner Seve Marchi, who works for the Royal Mail in Millport, told the News he is 'furious' about the incident.

He added: "Someone must know the person responsible."

Scottish Power have told the News that they have checked with all their contractors and none were in the area at the time of the incident.

Inspector Colin Convery, of Largs police, said: "We are aware of the incident and we await further information. The inquiry will be progressed when all the necessary information is to hand."